Track Attendance For Any Class From Any Mobile Device!

Simply signup from any mobile device or on the web and start taking your attendance from anywhere without being in front of a computer. Open your MyAT account on any smart phone or tablet and record any information you need right then, one time, and access it from anywhere and anytime you want in the future. No more writing down notes, attendance, or grade information on students or employees just to enter it into a different system later.

Top mobile attendance tracking app benefits:

  • No more double entering your data. Enter it once and it's available any time and any where.
  • All site features are also available on mobile devices.
  • Interface was designed specifically to be used on mobile devices so it's simple and fast.

Attendance Tracking Entry Software Image

Building the app interface to work as well (if not better) on mobile devices was probably one of the largest efforts I've undertaken since I started building MyAT years ago. Today teachers, instructors and managers need to access and enter their data wherever and whenever they want it or need it. The days of entering your classroom data with pen and paper in a gradebook or the computer in the corner of the room are over. Connected classrooms need software that can keep up with the expanding needs of schools and instructors to save time and effort entering classroom data and focus on sharing resources with students. Try the new MYAT out on your mobile phones and tablets and let me know if you have any suggestions on how I can make it even better.

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