Getting Started Is Simple With Easy Data Import

You can signup and start taking attendance for free in literally less than a couple of minutes with MyAT's easy onboarding process including data import. Once you have signed up and imported your list of students and classes, taking attendance for each of them is as simple as selecting the class and tapping on each student in the list from any device anywhere.

Some of the top benefits of student and class data import and export:

  • Get your student and class data into and out of the system anytime you want.
  • Never re-enter you attendance, student, class or grade information.
  • You aren't starting anything from scratch. Just a couple of clicks and you are ready to go.
  • Get your data back out of the system anytime so you aren't locked in if you find something that works better for you.

Attendance Tracking Entry Software Image

With so many new teachers and schools tracking attendance online and finding MyAT to be a great solution, getting them started without losing all of the data that they had been tracking became really important. I built the data import and export system so that schools would not only have an easy time getting started using MyAT but could also have an easy time going to a different system if they found MyAT didn't meet their needs or another system did better.

I built MyAT to help my wife take student attendance in her classroom. She needed something online and more easy than using paper or spreadsheets that she could use from anywhere. Since I launched it for her years ago it has grown and grown and is now being used by over 50,000 teachers, church groups, and event organizers to track over 650,000 students.

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