Simple Attendance Tracking

Take student attendance in seconds, for any class, from any device. Modify the entries anytime you need to, get reminded if you missed a class, and see all of the data on your personal attendance dashboard.

Integrated Student Gradebook

You add students and classes to take attendance, now you can add fully customizable assessments to each class to keep all of your class grading in the same system you are using to take attendance.

Teacher/Parent Communication

Make sure your student's parents are always up to date on their child's educational progress. Set the system to message them on absence, grade drops, or a behavorial issues. Send individual, class, or school wide messaging via email and text.

Student, Class, Grade Dashboards

See everything that is going on for all of your classes and students with simple at a glance metrics on your customizable student, class and grade dashboards. No need to run tons of reports to see the big picture.

Standard Or Custom Reporting

Built in and simple standard reporting for you to get the basic data you need, when you need it. Powerful custom reporting for when you want to get more in-depth insights into class and student progress.

Customizable Attendance Categories

Set up your attendance tracking using whatever terms you would like. Don't want to use Present/Tardy/Absent or want to track employees instead of students? Set up any terms you would like to track.

Mobile Phone And Tablet Optimized

Recording all of the information you need to is as simple as tapping a few times on your mobile phone are tablet. The app is built to work just as easily on your mobile devices as it does on a full sized monitor.

Student Progress Tracking

Simple, sortable, filterable list of all information tied to your students that allows you to see attendance history, grade status, send quick messages, and more all from one easy page.

Simple Class Management App

All of your classes are available at a glance and each has it's own overview page where you can easily build and track assessments, see current class progress, add/remove students and create quick notes for review.

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